FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Community Development Round Table (CDR)

The CAC recommended that a Community Development Roundtable be formed, with a broad set of community stakeholders, to provide ongoing leadership to the implementation and ongoing updating of the Community Adjustment Plan.

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The Community Development Roundtable will:

  • Review the detailed Adjustment Committee report to understand its principles and recommendations;
  • Receive, discuss and assess recommendations from the working committees;
  • Look for and identify synergies between one or more of the working committees and help identify synergies within the community;
  • Determine the appropriate action and processes required to implement recommendations from working committees and make recommendations to Mayor and Council for approval and implementation;
  • Select the socio-economic metrics that the Community Development Roundtable will use to track, measure and report on when assessing the efficacy of its collective efforts;
  • Keep their networks and colleagues informed and assist in garnering broad based community support for the Adjustment Committee and any actions and initiatives that arise from the Community Development Roundtable and its working committees.


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