FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Downtown Development Action Team


A vibrant downtown symbolizes a healthy community. High quality places retain and attract skilled people. For Sault Ste. Marie to diversify its economy and attract newcomers it is imperative to invest in the downtown. Concentrating development in the city core will create synergies, enhance mobility, and increase community pride.


Engage with residents, business owners, entrepreneurs, developers, cultural organizations and related stakeholders and recommend to the CDR areas of opportunity to advance the development of the Downtown.


  • What are the priority action items from the City and Downtown Association strategies for revitalizing downtown?
  • What principles of design and aesthetics should be created and in place to guide the future look of SSM?
  • A successful and vibrant downtown has events on a weekly basis or as many as 250 a year!  How do we make this happen?
  • How do we address the poverty rate in our downtown core?
  • How do we build better connectivity to all the ‘anchors’ throughout downtown?
  • Are there better public/private partnerships we can be making?
  • How much residential space should be available downtown?
  • What are best practices in regards to population, business, as well as residential growth and stability for North American downtowns?


  • Lead: Josh Ingram
  • Ashleigh Sauve
  • Graham Atkinson
  • Kristi Cistaro
  • Franco Pastore
  • Jake Cormier
  • Adrian DeVuono
  • Rory Ring
  • Sandra Hollingsworth

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