FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Health Action Team



The committee will function as a study/recommend team that will engage with health sector professionals and related stakeholders to recommend to the Community Development Roundtable areas of opportunity to grow our health sector and develop a centre of excellence.


An initial question for the working committee to address is: 

1)    Should Sault Ste. Marie pursue the establishment of a research cluster in Sault Ste. Marie and, if so, what should be our strategic focus?
In answering this question, it is hoped the committee will consider:

  • What are our existing strengths?
  • Who should lead this initiative?
  • What partnerships would be beneficial to advancing this initiative?
  • What resources are required?
  • What research clusters presently exists?

2)    Are there other innovations in the health services industry that can position SSM as a leader and provide job growth potential?


1. Recreation and wellness 
2. Youth-based recreation initiatives (EDIs)


Tom Vair (lead)
Dr. Ed Hirvi
Dr. Damien Micomonaco
Dr. Brian Mitchell
Dr. Sylvan Spadafora
Dr. Andy Webb
Dr. Tim Best
Penny Moddy-Corbett
Dr. Jennifer Loo
Dr. McPhee
Michael Paciocco


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