FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Education Action Team




The committee will function as a study/recommend team that will engage with residents, education sector professionals and related stakeholders to recommend to the Community Development Roundtable areas of opportunity to grow our education sector and improve educational attainment for citizens.


  • How do we become Provincial and National leaders in primary and secondary school education that will achieve the planned future states for our current citizens and be a catalyst to grow our population?
  • What do our post-secondary institutions need to do to become leaders and how would that be defined?    
  • How could NOSM fit into our community plans?  
  • Will joint University/College degree programs or other strategies/tactics (including international partnership) create a unique selling proposition to grow our student population as part of our overall population growth goal?


1. Youth space/learning centre
2. Marketing and promotion of education options in Sault Ste. Marie at PSI level
3. Develop more opportunities for interships and co-ops
4. Develop mentorship programs for STEM & Entrepreneurship
5. Host events that elevate status of education (ie. hackathons)
6. Install neighbourhood education initiatives like book mobiles or book bear children libraries
7. Support the development of the Early Years Program by DSSAB SSM
8. Create a multi-faceted approach to student recruitment and retention
9. Develop research hub for education/Centre for Excellence
10. develop network similar to Sault Network, but with specific tracking function for Saultites that study at a PSI outside of the community
11. Increase efforts to provide accommodations for international students
12. Develop strategies to create a welcoming environment in Sault Ste. Marie for international students
13. Create visible, PSE related signage throughout the community


Lead: Lucia Reece
Colin Kirkwood
Rodney Hanley
Rose Burton-Spohn
Jonathon Budau
Jennifer Wallenius
Donna Rogers
Carrie Stewart
Paul Christian


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