FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Community Cultural Plan

Culture is the fourth pillar of a resilient community, and is one tool we can use in building a vibrant, higher quality of life city.

Global communities with strong links between community culture and engagement in the arts, are resilient, healthy communities. Such creative, vibrant, and resilient places are attractive to investors in industry, business, and tourism and thus create employment opportunities, expand the tax-base, and generally add real wealth to the community. Because of this, the development of a comprehensive Community Cultural Plan was identified as a key recommendation in the Community Adjustment Committee Report as a way to increase cultural vitality in Sault Ste. Marie.

Our goals in implementing the plan are to:

  • foster investment & economic development in Arts & Culture
  • strengthen partnerships to promote cultural vitality in the community
  • strengthen connectivity amongst those in the creative sector. 

The definition of “culture” is different for everyone and every municipality. It reflects our traditions, values, beliefs and lifestyles. However two interrelated definitions stand out:

  • The social production and transmission of identities, means, knowledge, beliefs, values, aspiration, memories, purposes, attitudes and understanding;
  • The 'way of life' of a particular set of humans: customs, faiths, and conventions; codes and manners, dress, cuisine, language, arts, science, technology, religion and rituals; norms and regulations of behaviors; traditions and institutions. (Jon Hawkes). 

For the purposes of this Plan, the following broad elements of culture will be included:

Visual Arts

Literary  Arts

Heritage Arts

Performing Arts

Media Arts

Through a competitive RFP process, Lord Cultural Resources has been hired to develop this plan.  For more information, please contact Todd Fleet, FutureSSM's Arts & Culture Coordinator at t.fleet@cityssm.on.ca

WE WANT YOUR SAY! Please take some time to fill out two quick surveys that will help inform the Community Cultural Plan.

1. In December 2018, the City of Sault Ste. Marie engaged Lord Cultural Resources in association with GeoPraxis to develop a Community Cultural Plan via a three-phase process:

• Phase 1, State of Culture
• Phase 2, Public Consultation
• And Phase 3, Draft and Final Culture Plan.

As part of Phase 2 of this process we want to hear from you, the stakeholders of the arts, culture, and heritage community.


2. Cultural Asset Inventory - Get on the map! 

The Inventory's goal is to provide a comprehensive and accessible record of the people, organizations, places and events—the Who, What, Where and When—that provide the rich cultural life and heritage of Sault Ste. Marie. We are committed to promoting the Inventory and the creative community it represents. 




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