FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Downtown Wayfinding

Pointing the Way 

Feedback received during the Community Adjustment Committee's outreach efforts included the need to increase the prominence of the downtown and make it a community hub essential to revitalizing our community. Wayfinding is one of several steps we will be taking over the course of the next several years to revitalize our downtown. Our goal is to create a wayfinding system that increases the attractiveness of our downtown by helping residents and visitors alike efficiently navigate to area destinations and amenities, while also creating positive perceptions for the area. 

Wayfinding is a system of signs, banners, gateways and kiosks that assist locals and visitors to connect the dots and find their way, making for a positive experience, extended stays and more spending. If done right, wayfinding systems do more than just act as a guide; they create a more attractive community, and build and promote a community's brand. 

Through a competitive RFP process, FutureSSM has hired Corbin Design, a leader in wayfinding consulting and signage system design, to move ahead with plans to develop and implement a Wayfinding Strategy for Sault Ste. Marie's downtown. There is so much to be celebrate and be proud of in our community, so let's point the way. 

Stakeholder consultation sessions will be held throughout the process. To view Corbin Design's presentation from the first session, click HERE. 



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