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The Sault Network was created in response to recommendations from a robust community planning project, resulting in a Future SSM initiative and final report: A Common Cause and New Direction for Sault Ste. Marie. The report identifies four pillars for community development: economic growth and diversity, social equity, cultural vitality and environmental sustainability. In an effort to advance the report and drive growth in Sault Ste. Marie in all of these pillars, we are connecting former Saultites through the Sault Network.

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The Sault Network also distributes a monthly newsletter, The Network News, that keeps former Saultites up to date with ongoing initiatives driving growth and prosperity in our city. To read past issues of the newsletter, click on the links beow. 

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On April 21, 2018 over 40 former Saulites gathered together at the Branksome Hall campus in Toronto to participate in a high level strategy session for the benefit and development of the Sault. Drawing on individuals with a wide scope of experience, the afternoon was spent providing an update on the current state of Sault Ste. Marie and the FutureSSM initiatives that are being set in motion to build a stronger, more vibrant and healthy community. Strategies for how we can further develop and how we can capitalize on future opportunities were shared, and means to better leverage the incredible network of expats were discussed.

The feedback and expressions of interest heard was extraordinary and a number of common themes were presented. Economic Development, Community Promotion, City Revitalization and Future Events were the areas that were deemed most vital and opportunistic and City staff has already taken steps to make improvements in these areas. The event was deemed extremely successful by City executive and considered the introductory dialogue for many future opportunities.


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