FUTURE: Sault Ste. Marie

Social Equity Action Team



Sault Ste. Marie will be a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone is valued and respected, has access to an acceptable standard of living, can fully engage and participate in all aspects of community life, and is able to realize their full potential.


The committee will function as a study/recommend team that will engage with residents, social equity sector professionals and related stakeholders to recommend to the Community Development Roundtable areas of opportunity to advance social equity in the community.


  • Reduce the number of people living in poverty to below the provincial average by 2027.
  • Strengthen the relationship with Indigenous peoples and communities.
  • Increase the number of community members who feel that Sault Ste. Marie is a safe, welcoming and inclusive place that supports their wellbeing.
  • Exceed the provincial average on recognized domains of growth and development for children and youth.


1. Support the initiatives of the Poverty Reduction Roundtable and assist with the implementation of specific actions as they are defined.
2. Support the development and implementation of the Early Years System Plan.
3. Work with community partners to develop an inclusive community plan


Lead: Mike Nadeau
Dr. Marlene Spruyt 
Gary Vipond 
Sean Sparling 
Michael Maville 
Kim Streich-Poser
Suzanne Lajambe
Paul Baldassaro
Ali Juma
Jame Omollo
Hugh Stevenson
Helen J Scott
Cacelia Doughty Trahan
Melissa Ceglie
Michael Maville
Annette Katajamaki

Carla Fairbrother
Cathy Syrette
Nancy Maclean


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